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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

W Lays an Egg

Sounds like a nice children's book. But it's the speech he's giving at this very moment. He started off with a bang, by recalling the legacy of Rosa Parks and referring to her as 'Rosa Park.' Way to go, shithead. Then it was on to talking about raising troops' salaries (which he'd previously cut), increasing danger pay (which he'd previously cut), and better health care (which he'd previously cut). Moving on, he of course conflated 9/11 with Iraq. After then conflating Islamist extremists with Iraq (which was the only secular nation in the Middle East until we invaded), he cited their opposition to the American value of 'peace,' which won't do much to reassure anyone outside the continental US, if I may be so bold.

Pretty much the same speech he's been giving for the last two and a half years, but with a reference to 'Rosa Park.' And apparently a guarantee to increase federal spending. I doubt even the right-wing blogs and Fox anchors will say too much about what a rousing speech this was. This horse has been flogged to the point that there isn't enough of it left to spread on a cracker.