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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Official A, Fitzgerald's conference, and more speculation

I should've known that when Fitzmas arrived it wouldn't do anything to reduce the massive amounts of speculation on the case dominating the blogs. In fact, the absence of any other stories is possibly even more glaring than it was earlier this week.

I'm still not interested in trying to read between the lines (something Fitzgerald assured reporters they absolutely should not do, because he was being very careful in his choice of words), so it could be a slow weekend for posts.

I did run across one interesting story today-- Wal-Mart has decided to produce its own video to appear along with the new anti-Wal-Mart film that's been in the works for some time. I'm eager to see the latter, and I can't imagine a corporation going to the trouble to produce (and attempt to sell, no less) it's own PR film. If there's actually a market for it, I can't imagine who it would be. On the other hand, they should be nervous--the only press they've been getting in the last year has been negative, and with good reason.