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Monday, October 17, 2005

US captures al Qaeda's number two man. Again!

The Mac sends this story my way. This makes what-- the fifth or sixth time that we've caught a guy described as "second only to..."? Maybe they'll graduate to top dog one of these years. That'd be a relief.

Coalition forces then raided the three other suspected terrorist safe houses, where they detained 22 suspects without incident. Coalition forces also stopped a suspicious looking vehicle with four males who had been seen roaming in the area. Two of these individuals were detained, officials said.

Coalition forces have used raids to capture and kill numerous terrorists, including two senior al Qaeda operatives -- Walid Muhammad Farhan Juwar al Zubaydi (aka Firas), (aka Abu Ziyad), (aka The Barberâ) and Ibrahim Muhammad Subhi Khayri al Rihawi (aka Abu Khalil) - in Baghdad on Sept. 24, officials said.

The Barberâ was responsible for altering the appearance of senior al Qaeda in order to help them avert capture. He did this by dying hair, altering hairstyles, and changing facial hair, officials said.

Abu Khalil was a close associate and executive assistant for the terrorist emir Abu Azzam. He also acted as Azzam's banker, storing al Qaeda funds so that they would not be confiscated in the event Abu Azzam ever was killed or captured, officials said.