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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Today Show gets all retarded 'n stuff.

This really deserves a spot in broadcasting history. And Crooks and Liars has the video. Reporting on flooding through the northeast (I'm fine, thanks, although the water is one to two inches deep in spots), a correspondent delivered her piece from a canoe she was "paddling" through the flood waters. It was very dramatic until a couple of locals happened to stroll by. In the ankle-deep water. Knowing the punchline, you can enjoy the pseudo-journalist's valiant efforts to make it look like her oar isn't touching bottom after being put about five inches into the water.

To make it even better (by which I mean more disturbing), the Today Show decided to quickly re-direct the sequence. That way only a third of the nation saw just how phony their journalism is.

Must-see video (6 megs). And don't forget-- the devastating cost to New Jersey is estimated to be in the (gasp!) tens of thousands of dollars. Whew.

UPDATE: Hey, fellas! Apparently ace reporter and rather inexperienced rower Michelle Kosinski is single! According to this mini-bio she has a flair for the dramatic, which isn't surprising, and judging from her determination to look as though she puts herself in harm's way for the sake of *cough* journalism, her career is headed toward a cable news desk on a rocket sled! (Note: Bachelors who've seen To Die For need not apply.)