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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Operation: Desperate Photo-Op

I'll write more about this as the day goes on, but the early word on Bush's staged teleconference with a group of soldiers was pretty disastrous.

You've got to figure they know they're in it up to their necks when they play the tough-guy/fear card. Can it still work for a president at a 39% approval rating?

UPDATE: Huh. I was expecting to see some vitriolic criticism of this appearance. From what I gather, it was even more by-the-numbers and catchphrase-filled than his usual carefully constructed appearance. But I haven't seen much about it on the blogs.

Sorry about the slow post day. I had things to do. Still, it's an awfully fitting photo, don't you think? He's gone from delivering his bromides in person before thousands of soldiers to a satellite broadcast with a mere dozen. It just doesn't have the same panache of his earlier fake appearances. And I feel comfortable predicting that the response will be a big 'so what.'

UPDATE: NPR has the audio of the pre-speech rehearsal, in which the soldiers were coached on the process. Crooks and Liars has video.