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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

W blindsided by-- brace yourself-- the Today Show

Amazing, but true. When a president's approval rating dips into the 30s, even the warm 'n fuzzy pseudo-journalists can ask a tough question or two. Wait-- the warm 'n fuzzy pseudo-journalist is the only one asking tough questions.

I was listening to an interview with a Canadian-turned-American who commented on seeing the Canadian news for the first time in a long time while there on a book tour. Their news featured the creationism vs. evolution debate by talking to scientists. Apparently they made a judgment call, and decided that asking preachers to talk about the "scientific" evidence that Noah lived among dinosaurs was just kinda... stupid. Not really worth their time, ya know?

Anyway, back to the story. The prezimudent and his wife stopped at a Habitat for Humanity site for one hour today to hammer a nail or two and garner a little positive news coverage. Instead, in trying to explain why this photo-op isn't a photo-op, W just looks like a partisan dick. Whose makeup was applied with a trowel, incidentally. His face is completely wrinkle-free. (I'm reminded of those Botox accusations against Kerry last fall.)

Also noteworthy is how the other workers seem to be pretty much just standing around not doing much of anything. And I never noticed the First Lady's wattle before. If you can make it through the entire clip, I'll buy you a drink sometime. I couldn't take more than two-thirds of it. The guy is still delivering his 2000 stump speech: people are tired of partisan politics, Democrats are evil, personal accountability, puppies, rainbows, etc.

(Warning: the video clip is 11 megs.)