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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Romney warns of (non-Christian) theocracy

I love a story where you can tell the writers meant for it to just ooze irony. The headline, "Romney Warns of Theocracy Danger," might lead you to think that the increasingly unpopular Massachusetts governor was concerned about the fundamentalist right's alarming attempts to take over American politics. Wrong.

Venturing into foreign policy, Governor Mitt Romney yesterday told a largely Republican audience that Islamic terrorists ''want to bring down our government" and ''want to put in place a huge theocracy."

''We're under attack, as you know, militarily," Romney told about 150 people gathered at an exclusive Raleigh country club. ''They're not just intent on blowing up a little bomb here and there at a shopping mall, awful as that would be. They want to bring down our government, bring down our entire economy. They want to put in place a huge theocracy."

''Thank heavens we have a president of the United States who recognizes this for what it is and has declared war on it, and thank heavens we have a military that consists of the strongest and bravest and most able men and women in the world," Romney said.

The Raleigh luncheon was the first of two fund-raisers yesterday for the Foundation for NC Future -- a nonprofit advocacy group set up by a well-to-do Charlotte-area Republican state senator, Robert Pittenger. The second event was held in Charlotte later yesterday afternoon.

What a buffoon. But he obviously has a Rove playbook in his pocket. Kiss rich white asses for money, kiss fundamentalist ass for votes.