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Saturday, October 08, 2005

First pornography arrest also quite a coincidence.

If you haven't heard about the site (I forget the URL, which I heard on an interview with Wilson), it was a pay-site that featured amateur (if memory serves) pornography. But the founder, ostensibly frustrated by the sanitized view of the Iraq War we've seen in the media, decided to offer free access to soldiers who posted their photos from Iraq. Apparently many of the photos were quite graphic shots of dead Iraqis, often with Hoo-ah! captions from the erstwhile photographers. Controversial stuff, to say the least. And now he's been arrested. Not for his political activity, but for being a pornographer. Funny that he's the first one targeted after the recent announcement of a 'porn squad' devoted to indicting the producers of legal pornography.

Polk County officials arrested a Lakeland man on obscenity charges Friday after investigating his graphic Web site, which has gained international attention for allowing U.S. soldiers to post pictures of war dead on the Internet.

The charges against Christopher Michael Wilson, a former police officer, are likely to reignite the debate about obscene material in the Internet age. It also raises questions about whether the federal government played a part in motivating the prosecution.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said late Friday that the 300 obscenity-related charges against Wilson all involve sexual content on his Web site -- and not graphic war-scene images posted by soldiers.

"It is the most horrific, vile, perverted sexual conduct," Judd said. "It is as vile, as perverted, as non-normal sexual conduct, which rises to the level of obscenity, as we've ever investigated."

As vile as non-normal sexual conduct? Does that suggest that anything but male-female missionary sex is horrific and vile? I suspect that makes several tens of millions of Americans (mostly straight guys, I'd further surmise) consumers of-- if not participants in-- "horrific, vile, perverted sexual conduct." Before we prosecute them all, how about catching that Osama guy?