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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another gadfly to plague Rove? Yes, please.

As if the guy doesn't have enough on his plate. As his lifelong dream of building a GOP empire in America begins to show some serious cracks, even the proverbial little guy is giving him some more grief:

WASHINGTON A woman is asking the Kerr County district attorney to investigate whether it's legal for presidential adviser Karl Rove to vote in Texas while living in Washington, D-C.

Sixty-six-year-old Frances Lovett, of Comfort, wrote the D-A after reading a newspaper article about Rove's Texas voting.District Attorney Bruce Curry's office received Lovett's letter this afternoon.White House spokesman Allen Abney says Rove is following Texas law.Rove owns a house in Washington and recently built a home in Florida. But he claims two Kerr County cottages associated with a bed-and-breakfast as his voting residence.

The Texas Secretary of State has said that Texans who move out of state can still vote in Texas as long as they intend to return to the state.