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Thursday, October 06, 2005


As I'm listening to Bush's speech on the 'War On Terror,' I'm struck by the fact that it could have been given a year ago. Or two years ago. Or two and a half years ago.

In short, it's a laundry list of catchphrases, patriotic words like freedom and democracy (and coalition), and the all-too-familiar scare words: WMD's, 9/11, terrorists.

As for policy, you won't be finding anything more concrete than 'victory.' But you'll still hear Iraq conflated with al Qaeda. He still claims that Afghanistan is a big success.

He continues to claim that the Iraqi military is being deployed in large numbers, although our generals state that only some 750 have been sufficiently trained to act autonomously.

Yep. The same speech we've been hearing for years now. With support for the war in freefall, I don't see how this can help. Although it does give right-wing pundits a chance to talk about his amazing leadership skills.