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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Unprecendented Congressional indictment followed by unprecedented White House indictment

Tom DeLay's downfall marked the highest level of corruption to strike the House of Representatives. The guy was the second most powerful individual in the legislative branch, and is good as it is to finally see him take the fall for his corruption, it's also a blight on the record of the U.S. government-- an utter betrayal of everything that lawmakers are supposed to be.

Well, it just got worse thanks to the White House. A long-time staffer there is being indicted for forging documents on behalf of illegal aliens.

Both the FBI and CIA are calling it the first case of espionage in the White House in modern history.

Officials tell ABC News the alleged spy worked undetected at the White House for almost three years. Leandro Aragoncillo, 46, was a U.S. Marine most recently assigned to the staff of Vice President Dick Cheney.

"I don't know of a case where the vetting broke down before and resulted in a spy being in the White House," said Richard Clarke, a former White House advisor who is now an ABC News consultant.

Federal investigators say Aragoncillo, a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, used his top secret clearance to steal classified intelligence documents from White House computers.

Since I'm not a fraud, I'll note that he worked under Al Gore five years ago, then started working for Cheney.