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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lieberman parties with Limbaugh-- DLC applauds

I was going to let Joe Lieberman's latest gaffe slide. I've written about so many of his eager photo-ops with reactionaries that it doesn't even interest me any more. He'll obviously never learn. Here's my take: he has a pretty solid record as a progressive, but he's a politician in the worst sense. He's willing to pander to special interests for money and support, which wouldn't be so horrific if we weren't in the thrall of corporatists and neo-fascists (thank you Tom DeLay and the K-Street Project). And that in light of the fact that the majority of Americans are openly rejecting the current political agenda.

The thing is, Lieberman attended a fiftieth anniversary gala event for the perpetually hacky National Review (which began its proud run as high-profile right-wing magazine taking a pro-segregationist stance). And sat next to Rush Limbaugh, and talked about what nice guys they all were, etc.

Same old story. Several progressive bloggers noted it, and wondered why he'd spend an evening yukking it up with people who quite literally make a living sliming Democrats.

Alas, a DLC advocate has taken offense, and charged us (if I may) with being hate-filled fanatics. Huh.

When the Bull Moose blog first started, I read it. But as time goes on, it just seems like a whiny attempt to sell outside-the-Beltway types (99% of Americans) on the idea that Democrats need to be more like the GOP to succeed. Curiously, the lower GOP approval ratings sink, the more convinced these brainiacs become that we need to imitate them. Go figure.

Anyway, this is an interesting (and typical) look at the sort of disagreement that arises in the progressive blogosphere. See what you think.