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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A tale of two tales: the tragic, the funny

As usual, Crooks and Liars posted some great footage.

First I'll mention the complete footage of the 'New Orleans Beating.' Simply put, it doesn't do the NOPD any favors-- neither the officers directly involved or the equestrain patrol trying to put themselves between the cameras and the violence. It's quite clear that the guy done horribly, horribly wrong. On the other hand, the NOPD has been through an unimaginably trying time over the last six weeks (I still have a hard time with this tragic story I posted last month). It doesn't make them innocent, but they do get a little sympathy from me.

Second is a clip from Bill Maher, largely about the GOP opposition to Harriet Miers on the grounds that she's either frigid, a lesbian, or a slut. The high point is seeing former Georgia senator Max Cleland (who lost his re-election bid after being conflated with Osama bin Laden-- in spite of being a decorated veteran of Vietnam) cracking up in spite of himself.