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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pornography for the New Century

Apparently those stories about the FBI cracking down on 'obscenity' are entirely true. I've now heard tell of two websites (I don't know the URL of either, but it's a moot point) that have been closed down and whose webmaestros face obscenity charges.

Never fear, lascivious and otherwise dirty-minded readers! It's Matt Sandwich to the rescue with totally hot-- and completely legal-- tales of sanctioned procreation. Break out some sort of lubricant, fellas, and you women out there do whatever it is you do to prepare, because you're about to experience the brain-melting, steamy-hot action of W-nography!

A married gentleman suggested to his wife one evening that perhaps he wouldn't be averse to adding a new member to the family.

His adoring wife seemed amenable to the proposition, wherewith they retired to the boudoir.

The lights were extinguished, yet we feel rather more than a little confident in suggesting that the married couple engaged in physical congress of the sort conducive to the instigation a gestational period within the woman that resulted, some nine-odd months later, in the birth unto them of a child. Further, it is quite conceivable (if you'll be so good as to pardon the rather saucy pun, gentle reader) that they found the experience to be altogether satisfactory within the parameters of their state- and church-endorsed union.

Egad, I'm all but spent. Stay tuned, ye libidinous and perverse.