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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pro-Bush pride!

Funny. The National Review makes like Baghdad Bob in talking about the anti-anti-Bush "Camp Qualls" that's been set up to give those bereaved mothers who don't want more kids to die in Iraq just what they deserve! "Guarding" the camp?

Granted, the site is much smaller than the anti-Bush crowd, but it’s growing each day. . . .

But the person who really caught my attention was a woman named Bethany Berry. Bethany is an 18-year-old who for a time this morning was guarding the pro-Bush campsite on her own while the other supporters were at work or attending to family affairs.

You'll notice in the accompanying photos that, in fact, there isn't a single person to be seen at the site. Not one at the site that's 'growing each day.' Right, day one is Bethany, day two is Bethany and her friend Tiff. It's growing exponentially!