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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bush's new Iraq rhetoric isn't flying

Salon has a nice sampling of what newspaper editors are saying about Bush's latest justification for the war: that we need to stay the course for the sake of those soldiers who've already died in the cause. Which is such an Orwellian argument it's just plain hard to believe. To honor those who've died, we need to have more killed? At long last, more and more people are starting to look sheepish (instead of like sheep) when Fearless Leader issues his latest proclamation.

Denver Post: "The president believes an effective constitution will fortify Iraq's founding democracy and allow the withdrawal of American troops to begin next year. It appears, however, that the constitution will include elements that 130,000 Americans might not think they're fighting for -- a limitation of women's rights, for example, and a strong role for strict Islamic law."

Salt Lake Tribune: "Imposing democracy at gunpoint in Iraq is looking more and more like a fool's errand. Nevertheless, President Bush continues to try, mostly because, at this point, that's about all the United States can do."

Not papers you'd normally associate with the "radical extremism" right-wing pundits associate with the likes of....uh, Cindy Sheehan.