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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Matt Sandwich is looking out for you

Not that I'm trying to introduce my own cult of personality. But I've been a subscriber to the excellent "Internet Tourbus" for years now, and they have a history of coming up with advice and links that can alter the way you surf for the better.

If the idea of shelling out cold, hard cash for an anti-virus program doesn't sit well with you, then how about some free anti-virus software? There are some nifty online scanners that let you check for viruses just by connecting to a website. And there are some good old-fashioned full-fledged anti-virus packages you can download for free. Read this article to find out where to get the goods, gratis.

That article is linked to above. And congratulations on your decision to read The Daily Sandwich, which provides you not only with frequent reports on the state of the nation, but useful tips for you as a consumer.