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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Spit on Your Grave

Fact: things spread quickly on the Internet. Fact: the right-wing worships Reagan. So what happens when some kid in California gets a snapshot of himself literally dancing on Reagan's grave? People like myself have a chuckle over the youthful indiscretion-- disrespectful, but very ballsy, and no one got hurt-- and move on. Reactionaries and fundamentalists, on the other hand, go absolutely ballistic. Here are some of the better reactions to his prank. "Satanist," he's being called. Then there are the ol' reliables: fag, communist, French, future draft dodger, atheist, blahblahblah. Death threats, conspiratorial analysis, amateur banishments to hell, and suggestions for forming vigilante posses abound. Amusingly, they don't seem quite as bothered by the alleged photo of him pissing on Nixon's grave.

My favorite is the commentor who referred to this as "Yet another hate crime against conservatives that will go ignored." Whew.

Picture via the above link.