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Monday, August 22, 2005

Novakula and the GOP playbook

I still dream of the day when people look at the far-out ramblings of reactionary shills like Robert "Bullshit" Novak and just roll their eyes and chuckle. His absurd scribblings aren't even sophisticated propaganda-- just ham-fisted little reminders to the far right to stay angry, question nothing, and follow orders. Here are two gems from the Frankenpundit (note the useful unbiased headers):

War Protesters Sleeping With the Enemy

At Cindy Sheehan's side since Aug. 6 when she began her anti-war protest outside President Bush's Texas ranch have been three groups that openly support the Iraqi insurgency against U.S. troops: Code Pink-Women For Peace, United for Peace & Justice, and Veterans For Peace.

Those organizations were represented at a mock ''war crimes'' trial in Istanbul that on June 27 produced a joint declaration backing the insurgency. Based on the United Nations Charter, it said ''the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.''

The Istanbul statement also rejected U.S. efforts to leave behind a democratic government in Iraq, asserting: ''Any law or institution created under the aegis of occupation is devoid of both legal and moral authority.''

Naturally, the "evidence" he sites says nothing of the sort. It's hard to imagine three "peace" groups advocating violence (because they don't), and an embarrassingly stupid example of guilt-by-association to boot. Gem number two:

Legalizing meth?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under conservative Republican protest from Congress, backed away from co- sponsoring a conference accused of tacitly favoring legalization of methamphetamine. But the HHS still sent federal employees to man an exhibition booth and physicians to present research in Salt Lake City Friday and Saturday.

No evidence, but you can see what you're supposed to think-- the left wants to legalize meth. Unsurprisingly, the Bush administration continues to go after "the Devil's weed" even as physicians and law enforcement officials around the country beg for more money to fight against the spreading scourge of meth. Which is the new red state version of crack. It's epidemic, it's incredibly dangerous, and it often leads to violent crime-- as opposed to purchasing Allman Brothers albums.