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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Let's all terror now, everybody's learnin' how...

I was just listenting to the Ed Shultz show, and he made an excellent point after playing a clip of Venezuela's response to Pat Roberstson's call for assassination.

Many of us shake our heads in disbelief, but figure that's par for the course when the evangelical right is involved. But think about it in terms of what the reaction would be if we heard a Venezuelan TV host call for the assassination of the American president. As Shultz observes, one word would immediately come to mind: terrorism.

UK: TV host urges US to kill Chavez.
India: Christian body asks US to murder Venezuelan President
Australia: Broadcaster urges Venezuelan assassination

Can you imagine how totally retarded the rest of the world must think we are? We consume 59% of Venezuela's oil, and a famous right-winger is calling for an official state policy of killing the democratic rulers of sovereign nations. Sounds like terrorism to me. But I won't sit around waiting for the FCC to take action. Instead, I'll just watch the right-wing rationalizations roll in. Michelle Malkin is already at it. Other prominent right-wing sites are staying mum for the moment.

One more thought: will Bush handle this Sheehan-style? If he doesn't come forward and flat out reject Robertson's rantings, it'll be another albatross for them, a la Sheehan, when it could be a quickly-defused situation. I'm guessing he'll stay hidden in his sofa-cushion fort in Crawford.