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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ahh, Mr. Chait. You have a nasty habit of surviving.

I'm sure fed up with the apologists for the Democratic Leadership Council. Their brilliant strategy to gain power seems to me to consist of two actions: move to the right and attack fellow Democrats.

So when I see something like this piece by Jonathan "Fighting Faith" Chait, it really gets me dander up. It certainly imitates the right, in that it doesn't link to the story it ridicules and fails to name the actual author. It also reads like a rightie post for its sneering dismissal that provides no actual information.

Daily Kos is an excellent site, but most everyone who dislikes it acts as though it's the work of one man. It's nothing of the sort. Markos Moulitsas started the site, and posts as 'Kos,' but lots and lots of other people post there as well. It's a consortium of individuals with opinions.

For shame, Johnny Boy. To come out of book leave for the sole purpose of posting an unfunny attack on someone you don't even identify? Sad, sad, sad. TNR is sure going downhill since Peretz and the right-leaning Dems took over.