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Friday, April 29, 2005

Press events are hard work.

Salon has a nice round-up of Bush's fourth prime-time press conference. It all comes down to two things:

Another GOP bait-and-switch on privatization. Bush tries to sound like a uniter by suggesting a more progressive system for disseminating Social Security benefits. The poor get what they're getting n0w, while middle- and upper- class Americans' benefits are cut. Of course, the point is moot since he still insists on privatization, which will cost trillions, not necessarily lead to higher returns, and send administrative costs way up. Sound conciliatory, but promise nothing.

The vile specter of gas prices was addressed by Bush in the only manner he knows-- let's consume more oil! Showing a pretty sad willingness to ignore pesky issues like 'supply' or 'demand,' Bush's answer to American dependence on foreign oil is to speed up consumption of this non-renewable energy source by asking Middle Eastern countries to produce more. Pretty clever, eh? Sound conciliatory, but promise nothing. Oh, and I almost forgot-- he managed to blame Clinton for the situation!

Meanwhile, not a peep was heard about energy independence, increasing fuel efficiency standards, or anything else that would help wean us from the teat of sweet, sweet crude. It's like he wants to help oil companies or something.

Other highlights:

"John Bolton's only crime might be having too much talent and ability."

"I don't rule based on poll numbers-- which might make me too much of a plain-spoken, hard-working American, unlike the Washington insiders making their back-door deals and playing politics in Congress."