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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bedtime for Syria-WMD conspiracy.

This AP story shows yet again that Iraq didn't have WMDs-- remember when Rumsfeld claimed to know of some five hundred spots where they were in production or storage? But there's more! There's also zero evidence of a clandestine project to transfer the non-existent weapons to Syria (as righties have been claiming for months). Naturally, this won't stop them from claiming that the report must be part of a liberal conspiracy...

From the AP story:

WASHINGTON (AP) - In his final word, the CIA's top weapons inspector in Iraq said Monday that the hunt for weapons of mass destruction has "gone as far as feasible" and has found nothing, closing an investigation into the purported programs of Saddam Hussein that were used to justify the 2003 invasion.

"After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted," wrote Charles Duelfer, head of the Iraq Survey Group, in an addendum to the final report he issued last fall.

"As matters now stand, the WMD investigation has gone as far as feasible."

In 92 pages posted online Monday evening, Duelfer provides a final look at an investigation that occupied over 1,000 military and civilian translators, weapons specialists and other experts at its peak. His latest addenda conclude a roughly 1,500-page report released last fall.