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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Reid visits La-La Land

Since Social Security privatization is proving to be massively unpopular, Bush has started to talk about the importance of compromise. Par for the course, right? If you can't have it all, get as much as you can and start down the road to having it all.

Now Bill Frist is ready to "compromise" on the nuclear option-- at a time when most Americans oppose interfering with the filibuster. Worse yet, Harry Reid is talking to him about it. The analysis is this simple: the Democrats still get to live under the shadow of the nuclear option every time the right-wing tries to appoint extremists to the bench, AND they get some of the current crop approved. In other words, the Dems get nothing and the Republicans get to have some already-rejected nominations sent through.

I'm going to send a letter to Reid telling him not to cooperate, and I'd suggest that others do the same. The current Republican party doesn't believe in compromise, as we've seen over and over during the last five years. Why would Reid think they've suddenly had a change of heart?

Here are some numbers on where the public stands:

There's no question about it-- Americans are against the GOP on this. It's no time to compromise.