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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Phony G-Man fingered in Colorado

The Secret Service appears to have discovered the man responsible for ejecting three people from Bush's Denver privatization event. And he's the head of the state's Young Republicans. Ahhh, America's youth, doing everything they can to ban free speech and government accountability. From the story:

The real Secret Service says the man who ousted Bauer, Weise and Alex Young from the president's speech was actually a Republican Party staffer. The Secret Service has told the three that the man admitted to an agent that he ousted them because they arrived in a car with a "No more blood for oil" bumper sticker.

The service is investigating that man on possible criminal charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent. He was wearing a dark suit, earpiece and lapel pin.

The Secret Service and the White House know the man's name but have refused to reveal it. The White House has said he was a volunteer "concerned that these people were coming to the event to disrupt the event."

UPDATE: According to a Buzzflash article, this incident actually involves two men-- the one allegedly impersonating a Secret Service agent (which is a criminal act) hasn't been named yet.