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Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome to Scared Old Lady Airlines. Enjoy your free ride.

NOT coming soon to a new outlet near you.... and, naturally a must-read.

USA Next reports that Tom DeLay-- already up to his neck in ethics charges and tantalizingly close to being indicted in Texas-- has been using money solicited from senior citizens to fund trips around the world for himself and his staff.

The cash (about $130,000) came from a group that raised money from old timers by sending them donation letters like this:

"Inside your sealed envelope is information regarding the potential collapse of the Social Security system – and how it can endanger you and the entire United States senior citizen population,” NCPPR president Amy Ridenour writes in one such letter obtained by RAW STORY (Read the letter here). β€œIt is also critical that you share this pertinent information ONLY [sic] with other trustworthy individuals.”

Sounds suspiciously like these seventeen guys in Nigeria who each need me to front them a couple grand before they can make me a billionaire....