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Friday, February 25, 2005

Slate: Still attacking bloggers

Why is this site so angry at the blogosphere that they pay writers to produce dreck like this?

"P. Diddy gargles Cristal as his yacht sails from San Tropez to Ibiza. Atrios stares at his computer screen and ponders the effect of "increased central bank diversification out of dollar holdings.". . . What, do I need to draw you a Venn diagram? Rappers and bloggers—they're the same!"

Wow, that's some side-splitting comedy. This is at least Slate's third anti-blog piece. Odd, since outlets like CNN are freely acknowledging that they've elevated blog stories to investigations of their own. And on the right, there are instances like "Rathergate." So why pretend that it's just a bunch of angry radicals in their PJ's?