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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The troops are mobilizing-- join their ranks!

AmericaBlog is reiterating the importance of Dick Durbin's letter asking for an investigation into the gay pimp in the White House affair (see my previous post "Keep the story alive"). If there's a Democratic senator in your state, please write and ask him/her to sign on with Durbin. I'll make it easy for you: Find your Senators' contact info here

AmericaBlog is the place to go for updates, but I'll be updating as I come across more news.

Oh, and I haven't said anything about the "Bush Wead" tapes. That's because I think it's hooey. The tapes don't tell us anything we don't know-- but they did appear just when the gay pimp story was on the verge of making headlines. Screw the tapes. Go with the pimp.

And if you have any doubts that the right is nervous, check this out:

A far right website is raking Gannon and Talon over the coals-- even admitting that this is an issue of national security. And as we've seen from the admin, when you get nervous about an issue the first course of action is to sacrifice a friend.