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Friday, February 25, 2005

Tom Ridge: "tort reform" advocate

Astounding. The latest outrage you won't hear about on the nightly news? Tom Ridge has a new job. With a company that's fighting tooth and nailgun to reduce damage settlements. Home Depot gave $673,000 to Republicans last year, and with their unfortunate history of customers being crippled or killed just by walking through their stores and having heavy equipment fall on them from shelves, the bigwigs are first in line to ask that people not be allowed to sue for damages...

Salon has the story:

Negotiating the transition between government and the private sector can be tricky; luckily for Tom Ridge, he won't have to do it alone. Home Depot announced yesterday that it has hired the former Homeland Security chief to sit on its board of directors. Considering how much Ridge has already done to promote novel uses for duct tape and plastic sheeting, his $110,000 yearly base salary must seem like a bargain.