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Monday, February 28, 2005

What's really the matter with Kansas.

A serial murder case that has baffled Kansas police for more than two decades appears to have been solved. The alleged killer was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a veritable right-wing posterboy of wholesome American values. From the LA Times:

"WICHITA, Kan. — He called himself a monster, but in 31 years of hunting the serial killer known as BTK, Wichita police made it clear they were searching for a man who appeared in every way ordinary. On Saturday, they announced they finally had caught him.

Dennis Rader, 59, a church-going family man, a Cub Scout leader, a dog-catcher for the trim suburb of Park City, is in custody on suspicion of torturing and killing seven women, one man and two children from 1974 to 1991 — including two victims linked only this week to BTK. . .

Although some of his neighbors said he was friendly — and he was well-respected enough to serve as president of his church council — others called him mean and arrogant. "He wore a badge and would swagger around the street like he was above the law. I always considered him a bully," said James Reno, 42, who has lived across the street from Rader for more than a decade."

Gee... a sanctimonious church councilman who's actually a twisted psycho? That has to be a first.