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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Divine Right

You know those black helicopters that you've been seeing overhead lately? Well, it's time to kick those New World Order bastards to the curb!

By which I mean that the crackpot right has decided to do what they do best-- take a 51-49 electoral win and turn it into a license for..... errr, crackpotism.

Here's a quote from the story:

"A right-wing Republican group launched a television campaign calling for the United Nations to be kicked out of the United States, alleging the world body is a "safe harbor" for terrorism.

California-based Move America Forward wants the world body's New York headquarters shut down and its officials expelled from the country because it failed to support the US-led war on Iraq."

Does that name sound familiar? It would if you were following the right-wing attempts to prevent Fahrenheit 9/11 from being screened. They were the prime movers. Now they're moving on (pun intended) to bigger and more biblical things. Like condemning the international community for not going along with our cooked-up intelligence and suggesting alternatives to a pre-emptive war. Which is going really well.

Is the administration starting to scare the hell out of you yet? If not, they have more than one way of forcing the hell out you.

UPDATE: Oops. Looks like Move America Forward is actually proposing another war. From the UN's website:

"The United Nations Headquarters is in New York City but the land and buildings are international territory."

We're an occupied country! Let's rise up and take back our nation! I guess that holds true for embassies, too. After all, when you're an occupied nation, it's your duty to expel the oppressors, right? Especially when your case is built on the justice of the war in Iraq, where insurgents are fighting against a just government that is definitely NOT occupying your nation. That's totally not cool.