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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

John McCain Shoots for Credibility

After hearing Bush's speech on Rice today ("We're a nation at war, leading a large coalition against a determined enemy"), I wanted to vomit. Will ANYONE in the media mention that we're a nation that launched a war against a country that posed no threat, leading a small and ever-shrinking band of countries providing neither military or financial support, against an enemy that is outraged at our incompetent occupation? Naahhhh....

So I was ready for some good news. I guess this'll have to do. Now that the election is over, and McCain apparently chose wisely in supporting an administration he clearly loathes, he seems to be taking the first steps toward acting responsibly. Namely by trying to act against global warming. It'll be an uphill battle, to say the least. The House is already making a play to get ANWR drilling on the table again, and the White House is vehemently opposed to any measure that reduces energy consumption (remember that tax credit for buying SUVs?).

From the NYT story:

"Wasting no time distancing himself from President Bush on an issue that has long divided them, Senator John McCain yesterday called the White House stance on climate change "terribly disappointing" and said inaction in the face of mounting scientific data was unjustified."