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Friday, November 12, 2004

When Being Right Feels so Wrong....

But with this pack of idiots, you can't even appreciate the schadenfreude. I'm not a military historian. My experience is along the lines of reading the occasional military history book-- and even that's pretty random. The Taiping Rebellion, WWI, the Pelopennesian War, some Caesar. That's about it. Oh, except that I do like watching WWII documentaries on cable-- no shortage of those.

And even I could tell that an assault on Falluja would be FUBAR. We've been at the gates for months-- threatening, withdrawing, and listening to Rush Limbaugh (who's broadcast to the troops every day!) pontificate on how we should turn it into a parking lot (yes, he actually said that). But if anyone in Iraq had access to the US press, they would have known that there were rumors of an assault months ago-- and hints that it wouldn't happen 'till after the election. It doesn't take a genius to realize that what you do with your guerilla units is fall back in Falluja and start raising hell in other cities once the American forces are committed.

Bingo. I guess the valuable lesson the administration will again ignore is that we aren't dealing with morons. It was no way to spend Veteran's Day.