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Monday, November 15, 2004

EPA Pesticide Study: 'Observing' Kids Who've Been Exposed

From what I've heard, this story doesn't quite have it right, but pretty much. The proposed study will gather a group of kids from low-income families who've been exposed to pesticides. Ostensibly some will be treated. Others will be observed. You know, just to see what pesticides do to kids.

I've heard this from multiple sources who agree on the main themes. This particulare link is also a petition. I love petitions like this-- unlike e-mail forward petitions, which are worthless.

Why is it that every damn thing this administration does hints at some hideous 20th century totalitarian disaster? Like Nazi medical experiments. Except they didn't offer their victims swell cash and prizes for participating. I freely admit that. We didn't offer prizes after the Tuskegee experiments, either.