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Monday, November 15, 2004

Joe Lieberman, You're a Gutless Turd.

This is beyond belief. Joe Lieberman went on Fox News Sunday and made the case for approving all of Bush' judicial nominees. Incredible.

"During the Clinton years, as far as I can tell, more than 60...judicial nominations were blocked not by a filibuster but because the Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee never even gave those nominees a hearing."

So far so good, right? Hang on to your hats...

"The point of fact here is that both of these, the filibuster [by the Dems] and the blocking of even a hearing under President Clinton, are signs of a government here in Washington that has grown too partisan."

Sooooo.... because the GOP mercilessly blocked moderate nominees, we should allow them to ram through reactionary nominees without a fight? It's pure genius!

Looks like all that post-election Democrat outrage might not mean a thing to the lily-livered on the Hill.