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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Boston Green Tea Party

The above story will take you to a pretty silly bit of pontificating from CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley. To sum it up, Kerry lost because he ordered green tea in a Dubuque diner, providing just one more example of how Democrats are hopeless elitists who don't "get" real Americans. As you can see in the analysis, green tea can be purchased in Dubuque. And at K-Mart, no less. The way I see it, Kerry was just being himself-- it's the self-important media that sees Americans as hapless yokels.

I wrote to CNN, and I also wrote to the Palm Beach Post, where the article appeared. The author of the story, R. Hayes, wrote back and had this to say:

"Thanks for writing--and I agree. I wasn't given enough room to report Ms. Crowley's speech in more detail, but her underlying assumption seemed to be that positions mean nothing, perception is all. She mentioned, for example, Kerry's notorious windsurfing photo as another element in his failure to connect with the American people and win the presidency. This struck me at the time as a bit simplistic, but apparently TV news has no idea how to handle the concept of purple states."

Hear, hear! Folks, when you see something silly in the media take the time to write. The media playing field has to be leveled before we can take back the government.