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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Daily Sandwich is on the money! Plus, Travis county officials admit to voting irregularities.

The above link will take you to a semi-debunking of the story that I mentioned recently about an FDA study on children's exposure to pesticides. In short, my skepticism about some of the more wild claims proved to be true. And so did my qualms with the apparent immorality of the study in the first place. The good news is that the study has been delayed, thanks to public outcry, pending a review.

Another update on the same site gives a disturbing take on the problems of electronic voting.
Here's a link:

Here's a quote:

"According to the Travis County Clerk's office, the glitch is the result of voters not scrolling down to catch the final referendum at the bottom of the ballot before hitting "Enter," which causes a switch — a "flip-flop," if you will — from their original presidential selection to its opposite, an error which is easy to correct so long as voters make sure to examine their ballot summary page carefully before making their final submission."

It acknowledges that the system had an inherent flaw without looking into the actual issue-- did it happen to people who voted either way? Just Dem voters? Apparently, whether the voters' initial votes were cast as they wished or not, they stood the chance of being misrepresented. That is inherently unfair. A voter isn't to blame for a "glitch," especially when it's been openly acknowledged by the county clerk's office... The site's host isn't a journalist (which doesn't count for much anyway), but this is an utterly irresponsible justification of an admitted flaw in the system. I'll write the guy and see if he has anything to say...

Of course, it's also shocking that an e-mail forward turned out to be true. That could be a first.