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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everything he touches... turns to caca.

Apologies to Ian Fleming's franchise there, but it seemed appropriate. Once again proving the Daily Show's assertion that this administration is incapable of doing anything that is unironic, a Salon columnist posted this today:

The market for baby-brain DVDs -- titles like "Baby Einstein," "Brainy Baby" and others that make up what's been called the Baby Genius Edutainment Complex -- is huge: striving parents spend hundreds of millions every year on videos that are marketed as giving tots a leg up in the IQ wars that are sure to dominate tomorrow's robot-led wasteland. And hey, why shouldn't parents believe the promise that these DVDs are HGH for the mind? After all, even President Bush recommends them, going so far as to honor Baby Einstein founder Julie Aigner-Clark at a State of the Union address.

But new research shows that Baby Einstein might better be named Baby Paul Shore. Babies who watch the videos are less verbally proficient than those who do not; researchers found that for every hour that an infant between 8 to 16 months old spends watching a brain DVD, he understands, on average, 6 to 8 fewer words than a kid who didn't do Einstein.

In other news, the president has recently taken a shine to classic automobiles, and is reportedly snapping up Corvairs and Pintos for his personal collection. Get 'em while they're hot!