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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Porky's 4

I'm not a "parade them around the public square in chains" kinda guy, but in spite of the fact that you've already heard about it, I have to mention the Ted Stevens news. And I'm even going to quote Michelle Maglalang!

I said it a few weeks ago: Republicans can’t tell the Dems to clean their House, if they won’t come clean about the GOP’s own dirtbags. Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is one of the biggest and dirtiest. Now, the feds have raided one of his homes. . . .

The wider probe has netted four former state lawmakers charged with bribery, along with a prison-industry lobbyist. According to the ADN, one of them, former Anchorage Rep. Tom Anderson, was convicted earlier this summer of bribery and other crimes for taking money from a lobbyist for a private prison company.

But don't think Malkin is just scrambling to distance herself from a sixth or seventh (but still highly anomalous) corrupt Republican-- Stevens first appears to have incurred her righteous indignation way back in November, 2006! Which is only what, fifteen months after he gained national attention for being the Napoleon of congressional pork? And openly boasted about it? A bold stance, that is.