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Monday, July 30, 2007


Physicist Robert Parks had a little something to say about the esteem in which BushCo holds science in his newsletter last week. Not to mention their commitment to keeping America safe.

Last week the Bush administration delivered the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Strategy to Congress in the form of a document called Maintaining Deterrence in the 21st Century. It’s an urgent call to get back into the bomb-building business. Deterrence is a euphemism for retaliation - after all, nobody takes the Bush missile defense seriously. The White House acknowledges that there are no known problems with the thousands of warheads in our stockpile. None should be expected for 100 years according to a study by the JASON advisory group. To be absolutely certain, however, the White House says we will have to resume underground testing-- unless Congress funds the Reliable Replacement Warhead. This is a new wrinkle in nuclear blackmail-- the administration has elected to blackmail Congress. The result of testing would be a wave of tests around the world. Predictably, North Korea is angrily charging the U.S. with a double standard, just as diplomacy seemed to have made progress in getting them to shut down their plutonium production reactor.

Put another way, "BushCo to Congress: give billions to military-industrial complex for pointless weapons that may re-ignite global arms race or we'll or we'll pointlessly violate test ban treaties, further screw up the environment, and definitely re-ignite global arms race."