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Monday, July 30, 2007

This Weekend By the Numbers

It was one of those weekends where reading the news made me wonder why I don't just create a sort of 'Mad Lib' template for the blog and save myself some time.

#1: "BushCo plan has opposite effect." In (year), (member of administration) promised to (high-minded goal). (Number) years and (number) of billions of dollars later, the result has been (catastrophic tragedy).

Here goes. In 2003, (Bush) promised to (restore water and electricity to Iraqi civilians after the country's infrastructure was demolished). (Four) years and (several hundreds) of billions of dollars later, the result has been (less access to these basic needs than at any time since before the war began).

#22: "New corruption allegations dog GOP." Recently discovered (form of communication) between (top GOP officials) and (unscrupulous partisans) indicate that Republican concerns about (political event) led to discussions of (illegal action) in (place name). The (Republican group) appears to have been concealing the (form of communication) detailing their (diabolical plan) in the hopes of (immoral action).

Recently discovered (documents and e-mails) between (the National Republican Party Headquarters) and (the Ohio State republican Party) indicate that Republican concerns about (recent elections) led to discussions of (vote suppression) in (Ohio and Florida). The (National Republican Party) appears to have been concealing the (e-mails) detailing their ("Voter Registration Fraud Strategy") in the hopes of (denying thousands of Americans the right to vote). With video. Highly recommended.

#3: "Republican ideology suspected in despicable anti-American act."

I don't think I have the patience to write up another template-- I've officially reached the 'boiling anger' point. Combine the video I posted last week of young Republicans trying to find a nice way to say that they think military service is beneath them with the recent allegations surrounding the death of Pat Tillman, and you've got the zeitgeist of the 00's: that exasperating, sickening 'It Can Happen Here' feeling.