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Friday, February 02, 2007

Video Friday

How did I miss this last week? It's another parody of the SOTU, featuring the same guy's uncanny imitation of Fearless Leader, and the same other guy giving his mouth a workout holding Cheney's sneer for 7 minutes. This year, of course, a 'Nancy Pelosi' is also in the frame, replacing the guy who did Dennis Hastert. I thought the scene with Hastert's double enjoying a TV dinner and a bag of Twizzlers was the highlight of last year's video. It almost made me sorry to see him gone.

On the other hand, there's a new addition to the Bush impression-- the frustrated grasping for words as he tries to explain whatever the hell he's talking about. The Cheney as Darth Vader bit? Weak.

BONUS VIDEO! I've pulled some video links from Salon before, sure. But mostly because I'm too lazy to go to the page they took it from and post that. But I'm willing to confess my laziness. There is one irregular feature that I think is Video Dog's own, and I always look forward to it: Hen and Bunny Theatre. It's a little snotty and elitist (that's what we liberals are all about, right?), but it's also hilarious. This installment lampoons some show on NBC. It's good.