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Friday, February 02, 2007

Wishing economic anxiety into the cornfield

Two stories emerged this week that were quite the opposite of the self-proclaimed CEO President's asinine assessment of why people are nervous about the wicked awesome economy.

Personal savings are at their lowest level since the Great Depression.

Job growth is at its lowest level since-- surprise!-- the Great Depression.

Here's my pitch: this time call it the Mega Funtime, because 'The Great Depression' sounds sooooo negative. That way everyone wins. Republicans finally get a return to the good ol' days, the prez can giggle and clap his hands every time he hears the name of his brilliant policy ("I brung everybody funtime! Yaaaayyy!"), and everyone gets a fun time. "Mega Funtime: It's better than fun-- it's the law."

And one final irony regarding the CEO President: Bush: Tie CEO Pay to Performance