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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The stealth approach to killing Social Security

There's been plenty of discussion of Bush's healthcare proposal, with most pointing out that it subsidizes poorer people so that they'll forego insurance, a few saying give it a chance (will some Democrats never learn?), and now a columnist for the WaPo pointing out that it's yet another attempt to destroy Social Security.

But if you delve into the details of Bush's health-care proposals, you discover a plan embedded in them that would effectively trim future Social Security retirement benefits for some people, while reducing their current Social Security tax payments to help pay for health insurance.

I'm not attacking this idea, the way I went after Bush's Social Security "reforms" of a few years ago. It's just that I'm a Social Security junkie, and that aspect of Bush's health proposals interests me -- if only because it points out how high Social Security taxes are for many families, relative to income tax.

Then comes the hard stuff. Nothing we haven't seen before in accounting hocus-pocus from this White House-- make government fail because you want it to, and throw in another obstacle for the working class. But still recommended reading.