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Monday, January 29, 2007

Video Monday

First, some very entertaining clips from the Daily Show on Dick Cheney's interview with Wolf Blitzer. Stewart does a rather splendid job tackling the issue that's baffled so many of us over last six years: How do these bastards keep getting away with lying to the world?

Then there's a rather brutal takedown of McCain, which shows that Internet video may well do the job of the corporate media in the presidential campaign. It's from Robert Greenwald, who brought you "Outfoxed" and "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices."

In the first clips, Stewart sensibly points out that Cheney's talking points for Blitzer directly contradict things he's previously said. On video. In other interviews. During the last two presidential campaigns, I marveled that Democratic campaigns didn't do just this-- show video clips of these idiots saying one thing, then saying the opposite. It's hardly 'dirty campaigning,' although I'm sure the right would scream bloody murder (is it just me, or do they tend to do that when the truth finally gets out?), and it wouldn't go over at all well with the public. Especially with the dizzying level of Soviet-style doublespeak that's become standard procedure with the neo-fascists.

How about a bonus clip? It's Patrick Leahy "handing Gonzales his ass," in the words of one commentor. And it looks like the Washington of Frank Capra-- an oily confidence man (with a smirk every bit as smarmy as G-Dub's own) getting his comeuppance from an indignant senator. Good stuff.