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Friday, February 02, 2007

Shmekel of the Week

Missouri's Roy "Always a Bridesmaid But Never a Bride" Blunt was hoping, as Tom DeLay's bagman, to be the next speaker. Alas, being closely identified with DeLay and his philosophy of ethics, the GOP decided they should go with the less-corrupt John Boehner (way to go, guys).

Aside from being mighty close to big tobacco-- Blunt divorced his first wife to marry a tobacco lobbyist, then scored a lucrative tobacco lobbying gig for his son-- his influence and fund-raising ability landed his inept son in the Missouri governor's seat. Where he went on to become one of the least-popular governors in the nation. Bottom five or so.

But Blunt is a caring man, no question about it. He's always looking out for others, because he's caring and connected. And I know of at least 200 Americans who are glad to have him fighting for their rights.

Backers of raising the minimum wage are blocking the annual congressional pay raise until 13 million working Americans also receive a raise. Blunt is objecting, saying the raise is “crucial for members of Congress who are not independently wealthy and must operate two households.” Members of Congress currently receive an annual salary of $165,200. The minimum wage is stuck at $5.15/hour.

In addition to that fat salary, in 2004 Blunt "reported assets worth between $319,000 and $680,000." Obviously he isn't independently wealthy (just 'wealthy'), but about 25% of Congressmen are millionaires. As opposed to 0% of minimum wage workers.