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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Breaking: Rumsfeld to step down?

When I saw the headline, I couldn't believe it. A quick Google search had Rummy's spokespeople saying just one hour ago that he had no intention of stepping down in the wake of the elections. But that was Fox News. And spokespeople.

An AP story out right this very minute says that not only will he be slinging his hook, but a replacement's already been tapped. And it ain't Joe Lieberman. Given that Fearless Leader is scheduled for a press conference right about now, we should know soon. And the blogs will be going from election fever to wonky theorizing. Fun stuff.

The story:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of an unpopular war in Iraq, intends to resign after six stormy years at the Pentagon, Republican officials said Wednesday.

Officials said Robert Gates, former head of the CIA, would replace Rumsfeld.

he development occurred one day after midterm elections that cost Republicans control of the House, and possibly the Senate, as well. Surveys of voters at polling places said opposition to the war was a significant contributor to the Democratic victory.

President Bush was expected to announce Rumsfeld's departure and Gates' nomination at an afternoon news conference. Administration officials notified congressional officials in advance.