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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spinning the results-- whatever they are

A lot of people seemed loath to make predictions on the outcome of this election-- and as of yesterday, most were calling it within a narrow margin of 2o (or so) House and 4 (or so) Senate seats moving to the Dems.

But there are plenty of people eager to spin the results that haven't come in yet.

Adam Nagourney has declared pretty much any result a loss for the Dems. Yes, expectations for the Dems are high, but moving the goalposts never hurts, either.

MSNBC talking heads Tucker Carlson and Noral O'Donnell have another theory-- a win for Democrats means that the Republicans win. That's because only conservative Democrats could hope to win in Red America. It's not true, needless to say.

I'm sure we'll be hearing both of these over and over in the coming days-- whatever the results are.