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Friday, November 03, 2006

A friendly reminder: the neocons want another war

OD1 reminds me that the election isn't just about the illicit gay sex, lobbying scandals, massive spending, bungled operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, erosion of our civil rights, and the evisceration of the middle class.

In the latest issue of Foreign Policy, Joshua Muravchik -- a neoconservative fellow traveler -- has published a remarkable article, "Operation Comeback" that combines an offering of a mea culpa for much of the neocon-generated foreign policy mess America is in and then stunning bravado with encouragement that the President initiate a third war against a Muslim nation.

Muravchik's article is written as a memo to his "fellow neoconservatives."

There are a lot of disturbing zingers in the piece, but here is the part that every voter should be made aware of:

Prepare to Bomb Iran. . . .