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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The "win for conservatism" meme spreads

Over at the Prospect, Tom Schaller follows up his original post with a more extensive analysis of why we shouldn't be hearing pundits claiming that this election proves that America is all about conservatives. I think he's got it exactly right. But we're going to be hearing it constantly anyway.

"Pull back the lens and what appears to be happening this year is a regional-ideological partisan correction in which Rockefeller-Ford Republicans are purged from the NE/NW Rust Belt, and prairie progressives pick off selected seats in the Far West. The regional realignment over the past 40 years, which slowly converted Dixiecrats into Republicans, has now entered its final stage, as voters north of the Mason-Dixon line and west of the Mississippi provide a countervailing response to the southern-led Republican majority.

This transformation is occurring at the Senate, House, and gubernatorial levels. Indeed, because Rust Belt Republicans will be replaced by progressive Democrats, regardless of the final 2006 results, both chambers of the 110th Congress will become more progressive among the growing shares of Democrats and more conservative among the shrinking ranks of Republicans."

There's more. Check it out. And keep telling DLCers to shut their gobs.